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The School of Humanities and Law formerly known as legal department, was established in 2003 and renamed School of Law and Public Management in 2007. In 2010 it became the School of Humanities and after the inauguration of the College of Arts in 2012,it was officially renamed the School of Humanities and Law. The foundation of the school is the result of rapid development of the liberal arts and social science in our University, and therefore offers opportunities to specialize in discipline of construction. This is also an indispensable part of building up CCZU (shortened for Changzhou University) into a more comprehensive University.


The school has strong professional characteristics, and emphasizes the combination of teaching along with practice. There are three disciplines now, Law, Social Work, Chinese Linguistics and Literature. The school endeavors to develop each student to his fullest potential by working closely with them to encourage personality growth and quality development, fostering students with interdisciplinary talent and a solid basic knowledge, which include practical skills and versatile social capabilities to service society.


The school has a staff of 75, of whom 8 are professors, 25 are associate professors. 17 teachers have or are going to obtain a PhD. Faculty with master degree or PhD's are about 90% of all the teachers. With persistence in the Party and Administration Co-responsibility System, a creative and harmonious leadership is created. The school takes the teaching quality as its first priority, and aims to build teaching applications which will foster students to be become solid and knowledgeable professional with a strong practice ability needed and welcomed by their future employers. In the process of approaching teaching and researching centered universities, the school lays great emphasis on scientific research. Recently, the number of published papers in the important and key journals among all schools of liberal arts ranks in the first group, which, subsequently, contributes considerable support to the construction of disciplines and enhancement of the teaching quality. Currently, the school focuses on the development of researching team and firmly believes it will be a source of energy for the future research work.


Supporting facilities for disciplines and scientific research are complete for the school. Institute of Science and Society, Comprehensive Institute of Legal and Political, Library Reference Room, and Electronic Reading Room are among them.


The school motto is "Realism", which means being practical and realistic. In harmony with the university motto "Responsibility", the school is now creating an atmosphere of "Strong Sense of responsibility, Realism, Preciseness and Pursuit of Excellence" to make further achievements.